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Writing Center Submission Form
Welcome to our new Writing Center submission form! You're in the right place!


Welcome! We invite you to submit your writing and receive feedback from the Writing Center, which is part of Western's Learning Commons. This service is available to current students and staff at Western Technical College.

We want you to have a positive experience! If you happen to experience any issues in completing this form, please email and we'll see what we can do to resolve any problems.

First, A Few Things You Should Know

The Writing Center's goal is help you become a better writer. We are happy to review the writing you send in and offer suggestions and ideas for improvement based on the questions, information, and rubric you submit.

Writing Center Services
What we do: What we don't do:
  • Review the assignment information you submit
  • Devote 30-60 minutes to reviewing your writing submission
  • Offer comments and suggestions for improvement
  • Answer your questions
  • Fix your paper for you
  • Provide course-specific or content-specific feedback
  • Guarantee you an A on the assignment

Additionally, please note that it may take up to 3 school days to receive a response, so please plan ahead! For lengthier submissions, we do have some time constraints and may only be able to look at a portion of your writing. We also ask that you limit to 1 submission per project per day.

Writing Center Response Time








  Submit by 4 on Monday to receive feedback by Wednesday      
    Submit by 4 on Tuesday to receive feedback by Thursday    
      Submit by 4 on Wednesday to receive feedback by Friday, Saturday, or Sunday  
        Submit by 4 on Thursday to receive feedback by Monday
Submit by 4 on Friday to receive feedback by Tuesday         

If you submit on Saturday or Sunday, you can expect feedback by 4 on Wednesday




About You
About the Course

Instructors encourage students to use the Writing Center services and like to know when their students have done so. Therefore, it is our standard practice to copy your instructor on our response. If you do NOT want us to copy your instructor, please make note of this in Comments box of the submission form below. 


About the Assignment

Please upload your document(s) in the area below. (We prefer .doc or .docx files for your writing so we can leave comments.)

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Where to Look for Our Response

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